4 Seasons

 Right about now I'm missing the cool weather that Michigan offers .  I've been living in Penang Malaysia for over the last year, and let's just say, it's either hot and humid, or really really hot and humid.   Living here I'm reminded that I love the four seasons that Michigan is blessed with.  I look forward next autumn when I am back home. This photo I shot with my Fuji XT-1 with a Nikon 55 mm micro lens, it is the paw footprint of our dog Jack,  frozen in snow and ice.  


Jack, our pure bread Golden Retreiver, a great family dog.  


Ocean Flights

Flying near some parasailing folk today with my DJI Mavic Pro. I had to make sure I wasn't getting caught up in its tow rope. Shot using a CPL filter to help bring up color. Just fun to get such perspectives.  I was in "sport" mode which allowed me to keep up with the speedboat quite easily. 


DJI Mavic Pro & Birthday Portraits

 This past year I entered the world of owning and flying a DJI Mavic Pro drone. This tool allows me as a photographer to get a much broader range of perspectives as well as  "off-limits"  or inaccessible shooting capability.  This image is of my son on his birthday, I shot this on an outdoor gymnasium floor holding his birthday balloons .  The DJI Mavic Pro does a pretty decent job if you have good lighting, kind of like an iPhone. 


Thailand, Cambodia, Bali

A few images from my summer travels, unprocessed, no photoshop. Images shot in Thailand, Cambodia, and Bali, 2017.  More soon... 



"Men at Work" Bangkok, Thailand 2017



Cambodia Fishing Village, 2017



Bali, Indonesia Rice Fields, 2017




South Bali, Cliffs along the shoreline, 2017



North Bali, Indonesian Sunrise, we were out watching dolphins, 2017  



North Bali, Indonesia, Shot this with my DJI Mavic Pro, 2017


VW Bug In Bangkok, Thailand, 2017  

VW Bug In Bangkok, Thailand, 2017



Man working in back of truck, Bangkok Thailand Market, 2017



Monks in a Tuk Tuk, Bangkok, Thailand 2017


Women selling Soda, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017

Women selling Soda, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017

Classic Black and White

I enjoyed taking these black and white shots this week, using my Fuji XT2 with 10-24mm along with my NISI 10stop ND & CPL, and -3stop gradient ND. The settings were f16 at 10 seconds if I remember correctly. Acros setting with shadows at +4. 

The sky was surreal looking.  



KL for a couple days of RR

Stayed in Kuala Lampur for a few days for some much needed R&R and family time. 

shot these with XT2 & 10-24mm with NISI 10stop ND and CPL and -3 stop Graduated ND.  Light adjustments using Photoshop Expresss.

these are only 3MB jpg from camera! Which is frickin unreal!  

There was way too many people at the pool to get angle shots, but I was able to get a few cool images capturing the city and mood of building. 

we stayed at at Faces Suites which was very very nice, and centrally located to everything. The infinity pool was on the 51st floor. 


Mitakon Zhongyi Lens Turbo Adapter V2

Mitakon Zhongyi Lens Turbo Adapter V2

My Lens Turbo II finally arrived after being on backorder for a few weeks now. Thankfully I live in Asia, so it arrived a bit sooner than if I was back in the States. Im having my best friend visiting me this summer here in Penang, and we are traveling to Thailand, and Cambodia to eat amazing food, and do some epic photography. He's bringing my manual focus lens collection that I left back in the States...  Its a Pelican Roller case, filled with some classic manual focus primes ( fixed focal length lenses )  Right now I will just have to stare at the Lens Turbo II, and dream of using it this July. The Lenses I plan on using it with are my Leica 50mm Summicron f2, Leica Summicron 90mm f2, Zeiss 35mm f2.8 T*, Zeiss 50mm f1.4 T*, Zeiss 180 F2.8 T*, as well as Nikon Ais 55mm f2.8 Mirco, Nikon 85mm f2, 105mm f2.5 lenses. I plan on doing a write up on each of these lenses later this summer and autumn. I converted my Leica Lenses to Nikon mount, as well as my Zeiss Lenses, so the Lens Turbo II I purchased is a Nikon to Fuji X mount. It simplified my kit to change the mounts on everything to one mount ( Nikon to Fuji X), as the Lens Turbo II are $150 each, so I figured rather than buy 4 Turbo's id buy one, and do the mechanics myself by changing the metal mounts on each of these lenses, over to Nikon F mount.  The parts to do these changes can be found on the inner webs...and for quite cheap too. Just be sure to get brass/aluminum models, as they will last longer, not corrode, and they just plain fit better.

Who would have thought 10 years ago about shooting a Leica, or Zeiss lens on a digital Fuji body,  technology sure can be a lot of fun!

Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8 Lens (Fujifilm X-Mount) lens ( real world use )

Zeiss Touit 32mm f/1.8 Lens (Fujifilm X-Mount) lens ( real world use )


Here is an image from the Zeiss 32mm f1.8 lens, of my son playing in the monsoon season rains here in Penang, Malaysia.  The innocence of a child is a true thing of beauty.  I never tire of watching my son play, and this lens captures the micro-contrast and punch and vibrance of the scene as good as any Zeiss® Ive ever used...


Zeiss 32mm 

X-Mount f1.8 lens

Happy Mothers Day & Fuji XT2

Happy Mothers Day & Fuji XT2


Happy Mothers day to all you moms out there.  I was able to shoot a couple shots of my beautiful wife and daughter yesterday with the Fuji® XT2 and a Zenit Helios 44m-6 58mm f2 lens attached. 

I wanted to get a few more samples showing what can be done with a cheap Russian lens that was origianlly designed for film cameras but embracing its retro ( tank like ) design attached to a Fuji X series camera.   Take a look and judge for yourself, personally I LOVE this lens. 

Fuji XT2

Zenit Helios 44m-6 58mm f2 

Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS Lens

Fujifilm XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS Lens Review

Here is a sample image I shot while on Location in the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia a month or so ago. I shot this in 1/1 Ratio using the 10-24mm Lens. I will add more to this post soon, I just wanted to shout out to all you Fuji users, as well as Fujifilm® for making such an awesome lens. ( Only wish it was a WR lens ). But hey Fuji listens to their customers... so we may see an update in the not to distant future. 

Nikon 55mm f/2.8 AI-s Micro-NIKKOR

Nikon 55mm f/2.8 AI-s Micro-NIKKOR lens Review


(Full review coming soon) Here are 2 sample images using the Fuji® XT1 with the Nikon 55mm f/2.8 AI-s Micro-NIKKOR lens. A custom portrait of model friend of mine Taylor.  And  our 1933 Leaded glass large window in our home, Its frosted over from the winter extreme weather. All Images ©Fisher Images 2015-2017

Zenit MC Helios 44m 2/58mm Lens Review

MC HELIOS-44M-6 2/58 m42 USSR lens. 


I have always enjoyed tinkering with alternative gear, even back to my DSLR days...
The Fujifilm X Series cameras offer an incredible advantage over your typical DSLR cameras. That advantage is the manual focus capabilities. I know, many ( if not most ) of you readers are saying no AF? But hear me out, since when has autofocus been accurate, let alone good on any camera platform ?

First off, I have owned everything from point and shoot cameras, to film 35mm, medium format film cameras,  to high end 4x5" studio cameras. Ive had Canon® APS-C, and FF, Ive owned Nikon® APS-C and FF,  Ive owned Mamiya®/Phase One® Medium format, I've even owned a 4/3rd Olympus® ( for about an hour) :D , So let us just say that my experience with autofocus cameras has been pretty well rounded over the last 20 or so years.
I have been experimenting with Fuji over the last 5 or so years. I admit that I didn't keep all those cameras, though it wasn't because of the cameras deficiency, it was more of a lack of understanding and my unwillingness to adapt, and be willing to endure a learning curve.  Fuji has by far the most interesting color profiles built into their latest cameras. The Chrome, and Acros are sublime. The options for focus control include a variety of focus peaking options, as well as a zoom in function which is amazing for making sure subject is "truly" in focus before you shoot, that's just not something a DSLR can do through its viewfinder.  The camera's are just plain fun to use, and bring back the feeling of film, but without the expense and headaches.

The lens, is built like a Russian Tank, its solid as any Zeiss or Leica from its era.. The lens has great Bokeh, ( shallow depth of field ) Mine is a m42 mount in which I use a simple cheap ( eBay ) m42 to FujiX adapter, you don't need any thing fancy, these are available online from $10-25 range.
Just get one in black, as to make sure no reflections are happening inside the tube. The lens is defined, but not sharp wide open, which is perfect for most portraiture, its pleasing on skin, and has a watercolor effect with backgrounds when shot at f2 ( wide open ). soon as you get to f2.8 you then start to get a sharper image with much more natural in lens contrast.  I pretty much use it at 2.8, but thats more my style preference than a recommendation. I will try to add some more sample shots this summer when time allows.

Take a look at the lens and feel free to contact me in regards to the using alternative lenses on the Fuji X Series cameras.

Craig Anthony Rybarczyk
Fisher Images


"A Mothers Love"